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Home Dining Service

Whether you are looking at a dinner party for close family and friends, perhaps opening up your event to a wider audience or looking for an intimate candlelit dinner for two, The Secret Chefs can take away the stress and strain with our home dining service.

All prep work will be done on the day of your event, the food will prepared on your premises while you sit back and enjoy the company and the ambience of your companions. There is growing demand for home dining events as they are more private, more intimate and ultimately you can pick and choose the menu and the environment.

A meal for close friends and family or an intimate dinner for two...

Nobody needs to see us!

Whatever type of cuisine, whatever style of menu there is no need to tell your friends and family that The Secret Chefs have been on hand. We can remain on the premises to prepare and finish your meal or we can leave you to serve and disappear into the shadows - leaving you to take the credit.

This is the perfect opportunity to impress your friends and family while we do the hard work behind-the-scenes....

Wine and dine your friends at home

For many people a private dinner party is an event where they can catch up with old acquaintances, exchange stories and relive the past. This is all done away from the hustle and bustle of a busy pub where very often you can't hear yourself think!

We will sneak in, sneak out and nobody need ever know...

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