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Workplace deliveries

Sometimes it is difficult to escape the office and grab some lunch so why not let The Secret Chefs come to your rescue with our workplace delivery service? Whether you are looking to pre-order your lunch or would like to check out what we have on offer in our mobile catering facility, we can come to you.

All of our produce is handmade on the day of consumption and we will be creating a variety of menus from day-to-day because variety is the spice of life. Initially our workplace delivery service will be covering the Falkirk area although we will be looking to expand this in due course.

Let The Secret Chefs come to your rescue with our workplace delivery service.

Reliability is the key

Here at The Secret Chefs we appreciate that lunchtime can be a very busy time of day and any delay in the delivery of your lunch can be crucial. Whether or not you pre-order your lunch via the website, telephone, e-mail or even text message, or prefer to see what we have on offer with our mobile catering facility, we will be there at the same time every day.

As regular as clockwork you will see The Secret Chefs in your area, so why not give as a shout?

Customer feedback is crucial

While we have our own ideas about a traditional lunchtime menu why not let us know your favourites? Do you prefer something traditional, something a little different or are you getting bored with the same old lunchtime fare? Our menu will be printed on the website at the beginning of the week so that you know our special offers, our theme days as well as the traditional lunch time favourites.

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